Besides climbing, there are of course a lot of other fun side events during the NSK that you can participate in. Here is a full list of what you can expect:

The Climbing Movement
Ever wanted to know how much weight your fingers can lift? Come measure your power during your climbing timeslot! This side event is provided by our sponsor Sanne Maas!

Crazy Bingo
Come play bingo with a bit of spice added! Compete in duos to fill up your card by doing fun activities and you may even win a cool prize!

Endurance Competition
Even if you are not the strongest climber you can still show off some of your physical abilities! Go to the limit testing your endurance and you may win a prize!

Make Your own Pofzak
Is your chalk bag ugly, boring or are you looking for a new one? Bring an old plushie and turn it into a climbing companion!

Games Corner
Done with Climbing for the day? Sit down for a bit and enjoy some classic board games!

Do you want to see how your Climbing and NSK related knowledge stacks up against other students? Be sure to join in on the Trivia, and you may even walk away with a prize!