NSK lead

The NSK Lead is an annual event where student climbers within the Netherlands compete for the honorary title of best student sport climber of the year!

This year the NSK Lead is part of the GNSK. This means you can compete for both the title of best student sport climber and best student sport city!

For this purpose, a wide range of climbing routes are set up in a climbing hall, which will be the battlefield for the climbers. The day starts with climbing qualification routes, after which the women and men who managed to score the most points during the qualification, will advance to the finals. The women and men who manage to finish highest in the final route will get the title of best student sportclimber. In addition, there are great prizes to be won by the participants of this event.

Besides climbing, there are also a lot of fun side events. This will keep the event fun even for the student who does not climb particularly hard.